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HTML Tutorial #1

Day 2

Welcome back! Since you survived day 1, I have a special treat for you! Here it is... HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Okay, okay that's not it, but I will show you how to make the emboldened text!

Here's the cheatsheet for a lot of the basic make-it-look-good stuff:

<b></b> The thing for making text emboldend, like this
<i></i> The thing for making text italicized, like this
<u></u> The thing for making text underlined, like this
<H#></H#> Replace # with a number 1-6, for sizes the top text on this page is <H1>
<sub></sub> Makes text subscript.
<sup></sup> Makes text superscript.

As an added bonus, you can combine all of these except <sub> and <sup>. Then you would get this. but you can do this and this. Now get out there and experiment!

Next up: tables