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Day #3

Today we learn about tables! (Isn't it cool?) Tables are the things that you use to make, well, tables. Maybe an example is nescessary...

How areyou doing?

Looks easy huh? Well it is. The first thing you need is a <table></table> element. this makes your basic table, the next thing you need (to define a cell) is <td></td> this will make a very basic table. to make another row, we add <tr> notice that this is an open tag (this means there is not </tr> element). Okay, now put the <td></td> elements inside the <table></table>, then make a <tr> and more <td>'s and then add text inside the <td></td> elements. So now we have this:

<td>your text here</td>
<td>your second text here</td>

"Okay, that was simple enough, but it's boring looking, not like the first table on this page." you say, well now I will show you how to make a background color, the oversized border, and the 2-<td></td> spanning welcome message, in a table, no less.

see this tableuse the border="#" element inside the <table> element to expand the border. # is the number of pixels you want it
hellouse the bgcolor="color" element inside of the <td> element.
example above, uses the colspan="number of columns to span" inside of the <td> (big suprise) element.only problem, you have to have two columns

Also, you can add tables inside of tables, therefore making "nested" tables.

Well, now I've passed on some basic HTML knowledge on to you. That's it for this tutorial. If you are yearning for more brain-food, then look at javascript or CSS on the main page!